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12 Sep

Kousyuuya – One Brush Dragon – is super busy

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dragon 1 About two years ago, iromegane talked about the artist who draws a dragon with just one brush stroke. A few weeks ago, somehow this article bloomed and I had quite many inquiries about the shop. Most of them are the admires of this art and who were wondering if they could purchase this from overseas.

The shop, Kousyuuya (晄秋家) is located in Nikko (日光) where is about three hours of train trip from Tokyo station and a perfect day trip spot. Unfortunately their website is only in Japanese at the moment.



You haven´t seen the dragon? First, you can look at the brilliant brush technique here.


dragon 2

Since I received many inquiries, I decided to write to Kousyuuya. Despite of recent incredibly busy days, I had a very polite email back and he was apologising for being trouble. What a humble man he sounded!

In terms of English, they have a little difficulty and it takes time to read and respond since they need to depend on the internet translating system.

Early this year Kousyuuya was picked up in a TV program and since then they received tons of orders which is too much to deal with just one person. And this is why online shop in the site is not working and “メンテナンス (system maintenance)” is shown.

You can still order it but keep it in mind that it will take at least three months to receive. And only the standard size. Please look at the size & price chart

Two important things.

One, no credit card payment is accepted. Only international bank transfer. Or if you have a friend in Japan, you could ask them for a help to pay. 

Two, the work will be sent without the frame to overseas. I guess this is understandable. You don´t want to pick up small glass pieces from the beautiful dragon drawing. 


Do you want to contact Kousyuuya? Iromegane can help you. Please send us email for more detail.

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