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10 Mar

Yamanote Line invent new seat

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In the train, you may notice that there are quite many selfish people. Japanese people usually sleep in the train or tube or any where they can. I understan that they want to sleep in the most confortable way, but they are actually annoying other passengers. So JR Yamanote Line now invents new seat to fix badly behaved passengers.

OK, there are not many people in the carriage but do they really need to cross their legs like this? I don't remember how many times my skirt or trousers have got dirty because of their shoes.


cross leg 2

cross legs

And because of these wide open legs, less people can sit on the seat. But of course no one says anything in Japan, so these people continue sitting like this.

open leg

open leg 2

Now reaching this level, you just have to laugh or I simply get worried if he can get home safely… sleeping


The people's quiet shout has reached the authority. JR Yamanote Line has invented new seat. It has a special form that presses in the thighs from the both side of the seat which prevents to throw or to cross their legs. In the video, on the left side is the current seat and the right is the new one. This seat will be applied from June, will see it works. 

07 Feb

National Foundation Day- Kenkoku Kinen no Hi

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The 11th of February is the National Foundation Day in Japan. It's called Kenkoku Kinen no Hi (建国記念の日) and has been a bank holiday since 1966. This day was originally celebrated as the first emperor Jin-mu founded Japan – back then called Yamato- in 660B.C.

This Emperor Jin-mu is actually a part of Japanese mythology. According to Nihon Shoki (The Chronicles of Japan), the second oldest Japanese classic history book, the Mikado, Iwarebi no Mikoto who unified Japan was the Emperor Jin-mu.

In many places in Japan you can see parades like this,

On the day of Japan's birthday, my page, Iromegane has born today.It's been nearly 10 years since I started wondering around the world. I went to the west, to the continent down south then now here I am in Madrid for 3 years.

I have a question to you.

"What is Japan?"

Mt. Fuji?




Or Evangelion?

Hmm, so who are Japanese people?

Morning rush hour?

Kosupure Gyaru?

So many images are out there but surprisingly it's not really known who Japanese people really are. I don't know how many shocking comments and questions people asked me about Japan.

Iromegane makes things all clear about Japan, Japanese culture and people. Hope this helps to make Japanese people more transparent for you and for us.