Japanese Telephone Shopping

July 25, 2011 Juju Kurihara Adverts, Entertainment Tags: 0 Comments

Do you like watching TV shopping? Or perhaps you have bought stuff from them. Most of the time they sell silly stuff, something that you´d ever think to use but any way, it´s fun.

However, this is absolutely ridiculous, for a second I was confused that this was real. This is a Japanese telephone "shocking" shopping.

First of all, have a look at the video and then I´ll explain to you what they are.



telephoneSo first product is denture cleaning tablet, "Ganbare Ojii-chan (keep up grandpa)". They said that this new cleaner solves the problem of wasting water after cleaning dentures, BECAUSE this tablet is added orange flavour and now their grandkids can drink it up!  Oh, at least it doesn´t contain artificial colouring, great. It costs 8,000 yen / month for 12 months.

The second product is a pen sharpener machine for tower buildings, "Kuru-Kuru Kun (rolling kun)". This machine doesn´t need any electricity so it´s eco free! You just drop a dumbbell from the balcony and when you bring it up, you can do some exercise at the same time. Don´t ask them if you live on the first floor…

toiletpaperThe third item is semipermanent toilet paper, "Mebiusu kun (Möbius kun)". It´s just a twisted toilet paper that will have dried by the time the next person uses it, so in theory you don´t need to buy new rolls. Also if you buy now, you can also get a mysterious potion that harden your poopy… I prefer to use fresh paper rather than the second hand, thanks.

Ehem.. continue, the fourth product is a new sensational sauce, "Daisougen (Grand prairie)". Since many people got confused between soy sauce and normal sauces, they put colour on it, in this case green. With the high technology, the taste is exactly the same as originals; tonkatsu sauce, Worcester sauce etc..

And finally, the last one is a video camera exclusively for toilet, "Yume Kazoku (dream family)". You only need to set the channel on 2 and you can check inside the toilet while you are in the salon. Now you can spend as much time as you like in the toilet without being bothered. You can switch the sound on so you can hear everything. Is it appropriate to watch during a family dinner?… The woman doesn´t answer BUT they convince us that this can be a very good memory after our grandparents died. Year, good thinking. 


It´s all impossible! All so expensive!!!

I think most of the stuff selling in telephone shopping is ridiculous and that´s why it´s fun to watch but even that, this is absurd.

In such situation, you can say "arienai (ありえない)" means it´s impossible to happen, it shouldn´t happen, it shouldn´t be. But it was fun for a good laugh.


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