COW at the ZOO Japanese Art Exhibition Review #1

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Ryudai Takanoryudai takano “Photo-Graph”

Yumiko Chiba Associates Viewing room (Tokyo, Japan)

Text / Chisai Fujita (art writer / journalist)


Ryudai Takano (鷹野隆大) is a photographer. His themes are obscure lines that have between a photograph and an entity. Therefore, he is dealing with political / social issues, such as gender / sexuality, and a casual scene / a petty scene.


His current exhibition “Photo-Graph”, there is a monochrome photo by the shadow himself and a landscape. Takano said, “I couldn’t make new works long time after the disaster”. Takano and almost all Japanese artists use black, grey and dark colours,

2011年 gelatin-silver print 
©Ryudai Takano  
Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates, Zeit-Foto Salon

Many particles mixed on the paper and caused the dull shadow in the frame. Focus on the shadow appears Takano’s new vision. Catching his shadow is not a real body but we feel a “reality”. Photo is straight. Before the disaster and still now, Japan is in a stalemate. What will happen? How do we live? Takano’s shadow shows us uneasy feelings.


Takano said, “since last May, I photographed my shadow everyday”. Photos like his drawing teaches us "Take advantage exactly." He takes the photograph of the “shadow” also proves that he lives. I would like to live and go in the uneasy world, considering that I can do.


Chisai Fujita (art writer / journalist)

Born in 1974, Live in Tokyo Japan.

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