Itazuragaki of the Day 3

June 12, 2013 Juju Kurihara Arts, Entertainment, illustration Tags: 0 Comments

I was a swimmer when I was small. My father took me to a local swimming club since I was so scared of the water and couldn´t even wash my hair. 

One summer we went to the summer holiday as usual. What wasn´t usual was my father had a mission to make me like the water, or at least not to scare of it. He picked me up from the deckchair and threw me in the pool. I splashed around the water, panicked, punching the water with my fists to lift my head over the water so I could breath. Just like an ant in the bathtub. I managed to reach the edge of the swimming pool. My father was there, he asked "good, you came back". He picked me up from the water and …. threw me again…

I don´t know how many times he did it to me. I was breathing the water from the nose, coughing. Thought "what a bastard!" But ten minutes later, I was able to open my eyes inside the water and even could touch the bottom of the pool. A year later, I was selected as a member of the school swimming team, I was 9. 

It´s Wednesday today, Sui-youbi (水曜日) in Japanese. Half way to the weekend!

Sui Sui Sui Sui Sui-youbi


suiyobi title


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