Japanese Comedy Drama, “Kokoro ga Pokitto ne”

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“Oh that person is crazy!” Is what we say when we don’t understand others. Someone you’ve met seems to be a very nice and sensitive person but after a while the same niceness gives you some doubt. Then it makes me think, what is “normal”? Maybe we are just a bunch of weirdos but only notice the others’ weirdness.


This Japanese TV drama, “Kokoro ga Pokitto ne (心がぽきっとね) shows you everyone has its own problems caused by the troubles in the past and the wounds, which impede them to live in peace. This is a comedy but while you laugh about its humour, you will find them somehow familiar. (More Japanese comedy TV drama : Manhattan Love Story, Fuben na BenriyaSuika)


Story: Haruta was working in a big company with responsibilities but had a burn-out because of the overworks and the pressure. Not knowing how to deal with it, he lost his job and wife and started living on the street. One day, Shin talked to him and gave Haruta a job at his antique furniture shop and a house. Haruta begins to build his new simple life fixing the furniture. Only rule Haruta has made is, not to get involved in others. But when Miyako who has a tendency of stoking whom she loves, Haruta’s life turns into a chaos.


Casts: Haruta : 40 years old, fixes furniture at an antique shop. He lost his job and wife because of him and lives with the feeling of guilt. He often says, “I want to be alone” to isolate himself from others.



Shizuka: 45 years old, freelance space coordinator. Starting a new life, looking for herself at the age of 45. But her perfection and too much self-consciousness struggle herself. She is dating Shin. 


Shin : 38 years old, the owner of the antique furniture shop where Haruta works. He never gets annoyed and never says No. Always smiling. He is in a relationship with Shizuka.  



Miyako : 26 years old, looking for something in her life. She is very obsessive when it comes to the relationships. She is in love with Shin and lives with Haruta because she has no money. 



Relationships : It’s a kind of a love square. It’s funny to see them but while you are watching, you will find something familiar to your own experiences and it hurts a bit. But I won’t tell you more because I don’t want to be spoiler. 


Best parts : 


Interior design. If you are minimalist, maybe this is not for you but all the furniture that Shin has found on the street (in theory) are just crazy but cool. Even the building is stylish. 



The therapist. He could be the best therapist! With this calmness and smile, you will speak out everything. 



The expressions of Haruta. His face expressions change every minute and I can’t tell you which scene is the best because all through the 10 episodes, it’s the best. Don’t miss any micro second to check Haruta’s face. 




Kokoro ga Pokitto ne is a perfect drama when you feel a little down and look for a good laugh but with warmth. The meaning of the title is "heart is a little broken". Kokoro means heart. Pokitto is an onomatopoeia of breaking some stick-shaped object. Every day our heart gets broken in a small scale but those breaks accumlate after a while. We walk with a broken heart and only thing we look for is someone who listens to us and accept us as we are. Right? 


Here is the link to the series where I have watched. http://www.gooddrama.to/japanese-drama/kokoro-ga-pokitto-ne

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