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Kouki Mitani (三谷幸喜) is one of my favourite scriptwriters/ film directors. Contrary to his awkward behaviour, his comments are spot on and very funny. So as his films and TV series. 

I was more familiar to TV series than films. My favourites are, Oosama no Resutoran (王様のレストラン/ The King´s restaurant), Furuhata Ninzaburo (古畑任三郎) and Sutekina Kakushidori Kanzen Muketsu no Concierge (素敵な隠し撮り、完全無欠のコンシェルジェ). I like his surrealistic sense of humour. 





nooneOne day, I accidentally found this film, Sutekina Kanashibari (素敵な金縛り) while I was browsing around some Japanese films. 

Emi is a terrible lawyer who has never win the case. Her father who was a brilliant lawyer but died when Emi was small. Only she hears is, "Your father was a great lawyer". One day she was given the last chance as a lawyer. The client was accused for killing his wife and the guy´s only witness is "a ghost"…. So Emi decided to bring this ghost, Sarashina Rokube (更科六兵衛) to the court to save the client. Of course no one can see him. What is her plan?





The witness is a fleeing samurai who was accused falsely and executed. This is a big news. Imagine you could call any dead people as a witness. The court wouldn´t be needed. 

Besides the fact that the only witness is a ghost, another problem is there are people who can see him and who can´t. I haven´t seen any ghosts in my life or even sensed them. Why some people see ghost? Emi will figure out something in common with those people.





Sutekina Kanashibari won the best movie award and the best director at The Best of Best Award 20011. 

 I have no doubt this film won the prize. I hadn´t laughed so much with the films this year (I know it´s still February) and I can definitely recommend this as one of the best comedy Japanese films. 

By the way, the title Kanashibari means sleep paralysis. Often when you have a contact with a ghost, you are paralysed and can´t move. This was happen to the Emi´s client because the ghost was sitting on him. This was the evidence that the man couldn´t kill his wife. 



Just try. Here is the trailer and below, I´ve added the link to the English subtitle version and Spanish subtitle version. Hope you like it too. 

English subtitle : Watch 

Spanish subtitle : Watch



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