Gaijin Meet Japan – Itadakimasu!!

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Oleñka and Cédric´s Japan adventure, the 4th episode is about food! Japanese gastronomy is not only about sushi but it is so diverse. Oleñka and Cédric were also impressed about it. Let´s see the food culture in Japan with them!


Chapter III

Itadakimasu! Japanese food is more than Sushi!


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Japanese Aperitf

It´s been while, I´ve recognised I have a weakness for Japanese gastronomy. Every month, at least once a month, I have to do a pilgrimage to any restaurant where can serve me miso soup, sashimi, kakiage-don, yakisoba or raamen. Since the moment we bought the flight to Tokyo, I just couldn´t stop thinking about all of the things I´d try or all of the plates that I´d FINALLY taste in the place of origin.




The traditional hot sake
The traditional hot sake – Tokyo. Photo by Cedric Hernandez
Even I already knew a lot about their food when I arrive, I had to realise the Japanese gastronomy was much more than our expectations and it filled us with so many different tastes. Again, thank to the Okimori family, we could get to know from very traditional and well-prepared dishes for the celebrations to small appetisers they eat daily. Not to mention the surprise we had when we saw so many of food stalls on the street when there are fairs or festivals. Nothing is so wonderful as warming up our hand with take away yakisoba or takoyaki in the cold winter in Tokyo. And if it´s in the summer, you should buy a kappa maki (cucumber maki), which is refreshing that you can breathe again instead of being faint from the heat.

You can visit our blog to see the huge photo gallery of all the things we tried in Tokyo, but for now, we are going to tell you about our general impression on exuberant Japanese food.




For Oleñka


  • Our first meal in Tokyo with Okimori Family a
    Our first meal in Tokyo with Okimori Family
     What surprised you the most about Japanese gastronomy?
  • I was surprised by its variety, fish dishes are so good as well as beef, pork or including vegetables. And desserts, there are so many desserts, which are totally unknown and it could take us a year to try them all.


  • What was the strangest dish you tried?
  • There are many from Osechi Ryouri. I ate it but never knew what they were. But actually the fish guts were the weirdest things for me. Oh, a beer with vinegar! And it was surprisingly good!


  • What did you like the most?
  •  I think I reaffirmed myself that I love Raamen. I tried more than five different ones in Japan and it was always a delight. I also loved Tako Guasa with the beer is the best, Tako Yaki in the stalls on the streets and some sort of fried cheese I had in the fairs.
Sushi sepia
Sushi – Tokyo. Photo by Cedric Hernandez
  • What did you like the least?
  • Fish guts, Yakitori but the chicken skin and cuttlefish Nigiri Sushi.


  • After coming back, what do you miss the most about Japanese food?
  • Even fast food has a lot of character such as Mos Burger or Yoshinoya. But specially those non-touristic and typical Raamen restaurants where you can eat an excellent soup for 900 yen.



For Cédric

Typical Japanese Tapas Bar
Typical Japanese Tapas Bar – Tokyo. Photo by Cedric Hernandez

  • What surprised you the most about Japanese gastronomy?
  • The diversity of the dishes: I didn´t expect there were so many. If I have to tell you one, it´d be … Osuya! It has to be a dish? Then chicken skin on a skewer.


  • What was the strangest dish you tried?
  • The balls with octopus inside (Takoyaki).



Ramen! Tokyo. Photo by Olenka

  • What did you like the most?
  • Raamen and okonomiyaki.


  • What did you like the least?
  • Some soups with vegetable and mushrooms. With the foods I didn´t know and the taste I couldn´t swallow…


  •  After coming back, what do you miss the most about Japanese food?
  • Raamen and red tuna.



… to be continued…


The next episode: Chapter IV. Happy Tanabata!!


If you are interested in following more our adventure? Here is our blog :




Instructions for Gaijin!

What you don´t know how to eat sushi? Or what makes the tradition for sushi? Have a look at this funny video that any Japanese person who watched this with me laughs and says that it´s exaggerated but you watch and tell me x-D


The Japanese Tradition – Sushi

The Japanese Tradition – Chopstick



Japanese Subway Machine
Japanese Subway Machine. Photo by Cedric Hernandez
Tips for Gaijin!

  • I know it´s hard arriving at Japan and not to think about going to eat sushi directly from the airport but SERIOUSLY there are thousands of things you should try in Japan more than sushi.
  • When you have a limited budget, don´t doubt going to Yoshinoya to eat. It´s a Japanese style “fast food” restaurant but not hamburgers, it´s a good dish of rice with beef which cost only 4.5€. They serve you tea/water for free and you leave the place with a full stomach to be able to explore the city.
  • Before entering Makudonarudo (this is how they say McDonalds in Japan), I´d advise you to go to Mos Burger, where their hamburgers will surprise you with the same price as McDonalds but you get an authentic flavour.
  • Did you know the vending machines in Japan also sell hot beverage? Well… yes, it´s divine in winter smiley
  • Did you know you could pay with the metro cards, PASMO or SUICA at many food stands, supermarkets, shops and vending machines? Well, yes, they are great rechargeable cards you can use for everything smiley  

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