Potato chips are disappearing from Japan!

April 13, 2017 Juju Kurihara Foods, news Tags: , , 3 Comments

People are going crazy searching for crisps in Japan right now. The shelves in the supermarkets are empty. Some people even buy bags of them whenever they find for stock. Potato chips are disappearing! What is going on?


The main potato producer in Japan is Hokkaido but because of the thphoon, they had a very bad harvest last year. This has affected snack companies this year. Two big companies, calbee and Koikeya have announced that they will discontinue the sales. So now, people are tunning around supermarket to supermarket, konbini to konbini to get the last bags of potato chips. 


Now you know what to send to your Japanese friends for Christmas!

Of course some people have started business out of this situation. They are re-selling crisps for rediculous price. Someone is asking 1,500 yen for a bag of "PIzza Potato"! This is insane.  

91 bags for 100,000 yen… I don´t even talk about it. 


  1. Dawn Marie odya 3 years Reply

    Did you know you can freeze potato chips and eat them right out of bag. I have kept my chips in freezer for last 39 years since my neighbor told me that’s how he keeps his chips,Doritos any kind of chip. He had a business selling to local bars and that’s how they stayed fresh and didn’t get soggy from humidity. Try it it works. Pop corn is the only snack you can’t freeze.

  2. Beth Parkhurst 6 years Reply

    I’m very sorry about this terrible situation. What flavors of potato chips are popular in Japan? Maybe I’ll be able to mail some.

    • Juju Kurihara 6 years

      Looks like “Pizza Potato” is one of the most popular ones at the moment.

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