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When was the last time I laughed so much that I couldn’t breathe… If you don´t remember, Manhattan Love Story would be your choice. I laughed so hard whole 11 episodes and it gave me very good spirits after. Manhattan is a coffee shop where is run by an extremely quiet owner and all the stories are told by his inner voice. Everyone calls him “tencho (store manager)”, but he secretly wants them to call him master, which never becomes real. As he doesn’t talk, all his thoughts are shown in his facial expression, and that is just so funny.



Tencho dedicates his life to coffee and coffee is (or was) the only love for him but one day, he secretly had a bet on a female taxi driver, Akabane whether she would drink his coffee or not, which he lost, and every time he lost he had to introduce things that are far from his ideal coffee shop, such as Naporitan spaghetti, TV or comics…  


Tencho is also a big fan of Columbo and as he starts seeing the customers´ love relationships secretly happening in his shop, he tries to solve the “problem” alone. But what he didn’t expect was, he becomes to realise that he is in love. 



The characters are hysterical, not one of them is plane and boring. 


These are the taxi team, Akabane san and  Iborie.



From the TV drama team, this is Besshi, a choreographer who express his feeling by dancing. His breakup scene is just hilarious.



Chikura sensei is the scriptwriter. She is the elder girlfriend of Besshi. 



Doigaki gets any girls with his soft approach although he has a family of two kids, he just can´t stop loving women. Eventually his family bond will be cut but…


From Manhattan team, Shinobu kun is the assistant of tencho who seems to understand everything about him. Tencho thinks Shinobu kun is an “Esper (psychic)”. From the first sight he looks the most normal one in the shop but he  has an big secret. 



I personally like Iborie. He is super annoying but he loves Akabane san so much that he would do everything. He even becomes a mentor of Akabane san to become a girlfriend of Besshi. I think Iborie and Akabane san make a good pair but maybe too intense. 



If you are sick and have to stay in bed this weekend or feeling a bit low, this is the best drama you can watch! Try! 


Here is the link to full episode.



Hope you enjoy it.







  1. deapypy 3 years Reply

    Have you watched Amachan? since it’s written by the same screenwriter s Manhattan Love Story, I assure you will find it super hilarious cz Akabane and Iborie are married couple in Amachan XD

    • Juju Kurihara 3 years

      Yes I liked Amachan, especially the opening song! It gives me a very good vibe. Thank you for reminding it to me!

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