Tokyo Jazz Night at Shibuya Plug

August 8, 2011 Juju Kurihara Entertainment, Music Tags: 0 Comments

It was an unfamiliar music world to me, I experienced my first Jazz live the other night. The place is called Plug in Shibuya.

Actually, I hadn´t been to much live houses before, I didn´t even know where the entrance was when I arrived at the building in Shubuya (Tokyo) where the live was. I walked couple of times around the building until finally I found the entrance. Then now I went down the spiral staircases to the second basement, going around and around again…


When I finally entered, the session was already started and the light was illuminating the musicians as if it was a moment of Avant. Three bands were playing that night; TRI4TH, JDs and a duo, Yuusuke Shima and Iori Kimura (島裕介×木村イオリ).  Also there was a surprise guest singer jumped in the stage.


I have no idea what is the good music or what is Jazz to begin with but the music is just great!

I felt like the entire space was wrapped by the music.

It was amazing how much sound an instrument could make- as if it was singing.


There were many codes that only the performers could understand. The sound they spun started walking around by itself and made whole room happy with its magic wand.

Without any actual word, all people who were there shared the same moment, how magical.


The power of music is great!



You can see the information of live from this link.


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