Tokyo-Jihen Breakup?!

January 31, 2012 Juju Kurihara Entertainment, Music Tags: 2 Comments

pickSuddenly popped up a headline "東京事変解散!(Tokyo-Jihen Kaisan)". Wow! Serious?

It was a little news announcing that a Japanese music band Tokyo-JIhen (東京事変 known as Tokyo Incidents) is breaking up in February. I´d say that this is one of the most wicked Japanese bands.



Tokyo-JIhen was formed officially in 2004 by RIngo Shiina (椎名林檎) who is one of the leading J-Pop singers in Japan. During these seven and nine months, they have released five albums and seven singles.


The members are,



RIngo Shiina (Vo)


ringo shiina



Seiji Kameda (B)


kameda seiji



Toshiki Hata (Dr)


toshiki hata



Ukigumo (G)





Ichiyou Izawa (Key)


ichiyou izawa


"キラーチューン/ Killer Tune"


"透明人間 / Invisible Man"


rockin on japan

Tokyo-Jihen is as well as its sound, aesthetically is a beautiful band. But at the same time, I personally think that it weakens the strength of Ringo Shiina. Perhaps, she wanted to show different side of her.

It´s a shame they breakup but I like Ringo Shiina as a performer and as long as she sings, I´m OK with it. Tokyo-Jihen will be on the last tour inside Japan in February. More information (in Japanese, sorry) ► 東京事変 (Tokyo Insidents) live tour 2012 Domestique Bon Voyage


  1. isabella 11 years Reply

    I am really sad about Tokyo Jihen breakup but as Shiina Ringo said
    我々が死んだら電源を入れて君の再生装置で蘇らせてくれ さらばだ!”
    tomorrow I’ll go to TJ Budokan final concert and I think it will be a memorable event

    • juju.kurihara 11 years

      Yes, it´s a real shame. But as they say, their music remains with us and also Shiina Ringo keeps making sounds, at least.
      Enjoy the final concert and let us know how it went!

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