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I was looking for a recorder lesson in youtube for a friend and found Junji Koyama by accident. The man appeared in the screen had a some comical expression and what he took out was a carrot. When he turned around, the carrot had holes just like a recorder. He started to play "Home Sweet Home", which the song I was looking for. 



Have you ever imagine you could make an instrument out of a carrot? Mr. Koyama seems to make instruments from any veggies and fruits. 

veggie 1This is made of celery but he can make with anything, banana, broccoli or daikon. 

Junji Koyama is a primary school teacher in Japan. I´d love to have a music teacher like him. Not just as a music teacher, as a teacher, he´d give kids a lot of illusion and imagination. 



He made one even from a cabbage.


He decided to upload all the instruments he makes because his instruments unfortunately all go off in a few days. Each one is original, sounds even more interesting. Since veggies in Japan is quite expensive, he eats the rest parts of the veggies. I guess he eats his instruments too. 


You can see how he makes vegetable instruments. Making holes, checking tune, it´s not an easy process. 



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