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September 23, 2011 Juju Kurihara Arts, Photography Tags: 0 Comments

animal family entranceOne of my favourite photographers, Mitsuaki Iwago´s photo exhibition, I was so looking forward to seeing it and I went on the opening day. He is one of the world well known wildlife photographer whose photo made the front page of the National Geographic, not only once but twice.


All the photos were just great and there, I was speechless. I know it was a photo but I felt like the animals were about to move or even I could start hearing their conversation. It´s the exhibition that takes you right next to the photographer´s viewfinder.  



The impression I got was “close”, I mean the animals are very close to the camera and they don´t look alert. This means Iwago is part of them, he´s inside the wildlife and at the same time he´s taking a risk.

His working field is big, from street cats to a lion family in Kenya but his sensitivity must be even bigger than the continents.


Why do I say that? Because I can feel if from the captions he´s put on each photo. For example,

“Stride of the mother and of the baby is quite different” is for the photo of giraffe family. The mother giraffe´s love to her son is coming out from the frame.

otangutan“A present from the rough ocean” is for the photo of a female seal with some red kelp on her head.

“A kid avoiding the rain covered his head with a leaf” was on the photo of an orang-utan. This photo shows not only adorableness of the baby orang-utan but also the reverence of Iwago for this animal.   


According to Iwago, as well as humans are watching the animals, animals are watching humans.

“And what they think about us?” I wonder.

animal family posterMaybe this curiosity was the beginning of Disney films where animals and fish can talk. Maybe the creators also wished to communicate with animals and filled our dreams and desires in the film.


A quotation from the word of Mitsuaki Iwago,

“Animal families feel the orbit of the sun and the rotation of the seasons on their skin. They are pure receivers of the power of the Earth.”


The human society is becoming more and more automatic each day and we are losing our sensibility. As we also are one of living things in this planet, perhaps we should learn how to breathe the same rhythm as the earth from animals.



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