Challenge to the robot sushi chef

April 26, 2012 Juju Kurihara Business, Cooking, technology Tags: 2 Comments

What is Japanese food?

sushi chef´s handMost foreign people might say "Sushi (寿司)”. Yes, Sushi is probably one of the most well known Japanese food in the world and yes, perhaps we eat quite often although it´s not quite a daily dish for Japanese.

The price range of Sushi is very diverse in Japan. You can go to Kaiten-zushi (回転寿し) where Sushi plates go around on a conveyor belt inside the shop to the ones you need to pay at least 100 euro per head to fill 60% of your tummy and you may run to a Raamen shop afterwards. 

To be a Sushi chef is an another story. As Japanese people make much of the tradition, those youngers who want to be a Sushi chef have quite a long way ahead.



A Japanese company, Suzumo Machinery (鈴茂器工) has invented a Sushi machine that makes 3,300 nigiri-zushi (にぎり寿司) and 400 maki-zushi (巻き寿司).





Do these machines make people discourage to be a Sushi chef?


  1. Mew 11 years Reply

    How is the taste?

    And why are the prices for sushi so different?

    I think part of eating sushi is the experience. Not all sushi chefs are made the same and there’s value in the different ways they make sushi.

    • juju.kurihara 11 years

      Hi, Mew

      Thank you for your comment.
      How is the taste? I guess it tastes like 100 yen sushi.
      I think the way of a sushi chef makes sushi is an art. It´s expensive but you are paying for an art work.
      Let´s hope we don´t lose the sense of valuating things.

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