Dip yourself in the chocolate bath in Hakone on the St. Valentine´s Day

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14th of February is St. Valentine´s Day. As I mentioned before, the concept of St. Valentine´s Day in Japan is a little different from the Western world. 

According to a survey, 47.5% of 200 men who are the age between 25 and 34 years old have a romantic fantasy that they love to receive a chocolate on the way to work by a girl and tells them, "I always wanted to talk to you". I think men are more romantic than women. Do you not agree?

But at the same time, most of men don´t see the necessity of Giri-choco (義理チョコ/ the chocolate you give because they are colleagues or the boss). The total of "I don´t mind without it" and "They should stop giving it" reaches 90%. Perhaps it´s time to stop wasting their time and the money for giri-choco. 

choco bath



Instead, why don´t you dip yourself in the chocolate bath in Hakone? At Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, you can have a chocolate bath during the St.Valentine´s Day. Actually, it has been so popular and this year this event has extended from the 13th of January to the 5th of April. 

It looks chaotic rather than romantic but it looks definitely fun.   




chef choco


The real chocolate sauce is poured in the spa and a few times a day, the staff who dressed like a patissier makes a performance of adding more chocolate. 

If you have a sensual fantasy of your girlfriend being covered with chocolate,I´m sorry, this place is not for you. This is a healthy family spa resort. 





Chocolate contains polyphenol, which has an effect of antioxidant. Red wine is also well-known for it and even said it´s good to have a glass of wine every day. Since I discovered chocolate has the same effect and as I can´t drink alcohol, I eat dark chocolate after dinner, almost every day.

Moreover, cacao extract or trehalose chocolate contains are good for you skin. They have a high moisturising effect. So of course, people who go to the chocolate bath have a chocolate face pack. A little scary….  

Apparently cacao extract also has an antidepressant effect, helps to improve a poor blood circulation or prevents periodontal diseases. Chocolate is a good remedy in this sense. 


By the way, Hakone Kowakien Yunessun is a spa amusement centre where people can try many different onsen (温泉). As the people wear swimming suits, it may give you an impression of you are in a water park but the water in those tubs is natural spring water. 


They have nine indoor onsen :  red wine bath, coffee bath, green tea bath, sake bath or fish foot bath, all look so fun. I myself sometimes pour some left over cooking sake in the bath. Afterward my skin feels softer and I quite like it. 

There are onsen pools where you can take your children. While your children are having fun and making new friends, you can enjoy different spa all day long.




outdoorThen there are four outdoor spas. 

Big water sliders and climbing frame spa are for kids and the cave bath and the waterfall spa are for you.

You know, Hakone isn´t so far from the central Tokyo. After experiencing busy Tokyo streets, why not going to a mountain to relax a little. Next trip to Japan, one more place to visit. Especially the chocolate bath for St. Valentine´s Day.

Yunessun official page : http://www.yunessun.com/event/chocolate2015



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