Why Anime “Sora no Otoshimono” Makes Me Nostalgic?

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Recently I was introduced to a new anime. Actually a friend played one song and asked me if it was an old Japanese pop, which it was.

suikaThe song called "Taiyou ga kureta kisetsu (太陽がくれた季節 / The season the sun gave us)" was released in 1972 by a group called Aoi sankaku jougi (青い三角定規), means blue set square in Japanese. Obviously they are no longer in the music chart and I don´t even know if they had more hit songs. The song was used as a theme song for a Japanese drama in that time. I mean this song was a big hit in Japan for my mum´s generation.

It´s a high school drama, "Tobidase seishun (飛び出せ青春 / Shoot out, youth)", a story about this passionate teacher and the students who can´t keep up with the others. It´s cheesy and the teacher is too atsui.

Someone is atsui (熱い) means someone is too passionate, enthusiastic or hopeful, and as he/she is so passionate that it seems to be burning, so we call them atsui person. Most of the time these type of people are just idling like a car engine but you know, it was a typical theme for the dramas in 60´s and 70´s.

Emm, actually in any perid, TV dramas are quite tacky and we like them like that.


So here is the clip of "Tobidase seishun". Be careful not to burn.


So back to the song.

shintairiku hakkenbuThe song was a remake of the original version and used in this anime, "Sora no Otoshimono (そらのおとしもの / a lost article from the sky)"

The story is about the main character, Tomoki, a high school student in a very small quiet village somewhere in Japan who loves a peaceful life.

His peace was ruined since the day he found a lost article from the sky, which was a pet android, Ikaros.

As I´ve just started to watch this series , I won´t make a comment about it here. Only I can tell you now is despite of my first impression of "silly imaginary stories", Sora no Otoshimono actually tells you about humanity, our life and relation to others. I´ve found it´s quite interesting.


So here is the song and translation of the song "Taiyou ga kureta kisetsu", the Sora no Otoshimono version and the original version.

君は何を今 見つめているの

若い悲しみに 濡れたひとみで

逃げてゆく白い鳩 それとも愛



とびだそう 青空の下へ


君は何を今 待ちつづけるの

街の片すみで ひざをかかえて

とどかないあの手紙 別れた夢



とび込もう 青春の海へ


青春は太陽が くれた季節

君も今日からは ぼくらの仲間





Kimi wa nani wo ima mitsumete iruno

wakai kanashimi ni nureta hitomi de

nigeteyuku shiroi hato soretomo ai

kimi mo kyoukara wa

bokura no nakama

tobidasou aozora no shita e


Kimi wa nani wo machi tsuzukeruno

machi no katasumi de hiza wo kakaete

todokanai ano tegami, wakareta yume

kimi mo kyoukara wa

bokura no nakama

tobikomou seishun no umi e


seishun wa taiyou ga kureta kisetsu

kimi mo kyoukara wa bokura no nakama


nidoto nai hibi wo…


nidoto nai hibi wo…

What are you looking at now?

With your wet eyes for young sorrow,

Is it a white pigeon flying away or a love?

From today,

you are a part of us,

let´s shoot out under the blue sky


What are you waiting for now?

Holding your knee sitting in a corner of the city,

The letter which never arrived, the dream which separated,

From today,

You ara a part of us,

Let´s jump in to the ocean of the youth.


The youth is the season the sun gave us,

From today, you are a part of us,

Let´s burn it,

The days never come back…

Let´s burn it,

The days never come back…


Original song by Aoi Sankaku jougi in 1972.


Most of the songs used in Sora no Otoshimono are Japanese pop in the early 70´s as far as I think, perhaps a little older even. I know them from the music TV programs such as "good old J-pop" etc… As soon as it starts playing, of course my mum begins to sing…. terribly. The anime gives me some nostalgia in this sense and that´s why I´ve decided to continue watching it.

Sora no Otoshimono has proved that the boom always comes back in a certain cycle. 



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