Fish loves water – Mizu wo eta sakana –

December 19, 2015 Juju Kurihara

I believe everyone has something they are good at.

Sometimes we don´t even know what we love until one day,

you try it and realise how good you feel about doing it.

Recently I was asked to write a small article. 

Despite of my limited time and a stressful day, I realised myself

really enjoying it. Moreover, I had a good satisfaction when I delivered it.

Mizu wo eta sakana (水を得た魚).

A person is very lively or happy when she/he is in the perfect environment.

Just like a fish in the water.

It´s possible that you don´t know what you love the most or

what you are good at. 

But you will know, when you try it.

Iro Megane 色眼鏡

Finally Japan opens its mouth. With its own mouth speaks loud about Japan, Japanese people and culture. Why they do it? And how they feel it? They will tell you all from their own point of view.

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