Laugh, cry, smile and angry – Ikki ichiyu –

December 8, 2015 Juju Kurihara

I had a coffee with a friend whom I hadn´t seen for a while.

She was a so called, career whoman and flying around the world.

But now she is a mum and settled in this city.

One day she had found her passion, pottery.

I met her in the pottery course and we became friends.

She fell in love with ceramic and now has her own studio.

Over the coffee, she told me about her recent work.

New kilns, plates, patterns she draws and especially porcelaiin

she´s working on.

When you make ceramic, you fire once you have enough pieces to fill the kiln.

That means, there will be weeks of work in one oven.

You fire them hours and takes another hours to cool down.

You can´t open the kiln to check.

Every firing is different and it´s uncontrollable.

As she explained to me, her face was lit, then became sad and lit again.

Ikki ichiyu (一喜一憂).

Her emotion chances like cat´s eyes.

It was very nice to see someone is very passionate about something,

although she says she doesn´t know what she wants.

I guess she is very curious to try all the possibilities.

What makes you Ikki ichiyu