Like a father, like a son – Kaeru no ko wa kaeru –

February 20, 2016 Juju Kurihara

Everyone once think about achieving something more than

what our parents did. 

"Boys, be ambitious!" is the word of William S. Clark. 

But at some point, all of us realise that

we are exactly like out parents,

and often we get disappointed.

"Kaeru no ko wa kaeru (蛙の子は蛙)"

Tadpoles look very different from the parents (frogs) but

at the end, they all become a frog.

This proverb is often used to tell the people that

"You are no better than your parents". 

But I believe we are always a little better than them

because we learn from what our parents did wrong or

the mistakes they made. 
The parents are always our teachers in some way.

Maybe we also become a frog but the inside is not the same.

Iro Megane 色眼鏡

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