The beginning is always a small thing – Daiji wa shoji yori okoru –

December 3, 2015 Juju Kurihara

Our mood can change easily. 

Some are even more changeable than others

because any small things can change their mood.

A friend of mine was very happy and funny yesterday

but today everything has changed as if a storm came over his head.

It started in the morning.

He had a washing machine delivered but it was a dryer 

and the delivery guys were already gone.

He had to wake up very early because the delivery time was 

between 7am and 11am. 

Now he had to return the machine but it costs him.

He was very disappointed and started seeing everything negative.

The colleagues were hangover from the last night´s party.

He even lost an interest in working, moreover,

he brought up his frustration in his childhood.

Wow wow wow.

Daiji wa shoji yori okoru (大事は小事より起こる)

Big problems are always caused by small incidents. 

Small thing can trigger a bigger problem.

Maybe it´s small to you but that could be the 50th small problem

and he/she had really enough.

We need to take care of small issues to avoid a big one.