A Month from the Earthquake and Japan Today

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11th of March at 14:46, a huge earthquake shock Northeast and Kanto area in Japan. It was magnitude 8.9, big enough for even Japanese people who are used to quakes.


NHKToday, a month after the quake, at 14:46, Japan have fallen a minute of silence. Some TV stations stopped the program and observed a one-minute silence but some stations continued the program. I wanted to put a video too, but doesn't seem like anyone put it up yet. NHK put it.





Nihon Terebi (Nihon TV) put it.






Even the specialist of entertainment, Fuji TV put it.






TBS was one of those which continued normal program. They put this TV drama for housewives.

I wonder how many housewives in Japan preferred to watch TV drama rather than a minute of silence at the moment.


This is from BBC which shows a little bit of the day and how people have spent the day in Japan


This is a video shot by a local man in Ootsu port in Ibaraki prefecture. Ootsu port was a leading port of sardine in Japan. Now the fishermen sail ships that survived from tsunami and fish in Chiba. However since they detected the high level of radioactivity in the sardines from the offring of Ibaraki, no one tends to deal with fishermen from Ibaraki. Fishermen without their ships and ocern to fish, how can they live?



A month after the earthquake, the number of after shocks has been getting less. At least that what people thought then around 17hrs today, there was a magnitude 7 of after shock happened near Fukushima.

This video was taken by a guy who lives in Iwanuma city in Miyagi prefecture. It was recorded level 6 of quake.



On the 11th of April, the death toll has grown to 13,130 and the number of missing people are 13,718. 

A few days ago, the government annouced that for each death or missing they will pay about 350,000 yen (about 2,863€) to the family as a compensation. The money will help them in a way but the family they have lost will never come back.

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