11th November is Origami Day in Japan

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Do you know what day was yesterday, the 11th of November in Japan?
It seems like it´s a good day for many business.
It was the day of Pocky.



It was the day of socks.
It was also the day of stand drinking.
But none of these is the one I want to talk about. It was Origami Day in Japan. 
The origin of origami is not so clear but in Edo period (江戸時代, 1603-1867) people were already enjoying making figures by folding papers.  
The oldest origami book is published in 1797, “Hiden Senbazuru Orikata (秘伝千羽鶴折形/ The secret of making thousand cranes)”.
Senbazuru is a symbol of peace. Then it makes sense that the 11th of November in 1918, the WWI was ended. A time of peace came to the world although another big war started later. Also this day, 11.11 makes an origami paper because there are four “1”, which indicate each side of a square. That is why 11th of November is Origami Day.


In Japan, kids learn origami from the family, neighbours or friends. There are always children who are talented in origami in the class and they even make very complicated figures without looking at any books. But usually always someone teaches you some basics.
Starting with trick boat or a candy box. Often people make these with a newspaper.  
Or some animals. I think I learnt these at a nursery school. 
One day, making cubes and polygon shapes became a boom in my swimming team and we all killed some time while waiting for our race. It helped us a lot to release our tension and nervousness. 


But recently origami became an art and more complex to make. The word origami is now universal and there are many impressive origami artists in all over the world. 
Is this an origami? That´s far too complicated for me to follow the instruction. 



Is it really made of paper?
Switzerland based artist, Sipho Mabora makes amazing origami pieces. I can´t believe they are folded papers. They look as if they are about to move and are so real. 
His new project was making a real size elephant. He will make it by folding a 15m x 15m paper to make a 3m tall elephant. I love to see the result.



Origami helps you to grow the imagination, constructing 3D images in your head and stimulate your brain by using fingers. Origami can expand more peace among us.
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