26th November is the Good Bath Day in Japan

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Do you know what day is today, the 26th of November? In Japanese way, it´s written 11.26 and is the Good Bath Day (いい風呂の日/Ii furo no hi).

For me, everyday is the good bath day and especially now, since it´s getting colder, having a hot bath before going to bed is simply divine. 

However, today is special. November, the month 11th can be pronounced Ii (いい) means good in Japanese and the date 26 can be read Furo (風呂), the bath. This is why it´s the Good Bath Day. 





Japan is full of onsen and in some regions, their public baths have natural spa. Today many public baths or onsen had a special discount or events. At a sento (銭湯/public bath) in Kagoshima, the visitors were given a towel to celebrate this day.  

In Kagawa prefecture where is famous for udon noodle made unique bath salt. They look like real udon!







You dip in the noodle soup like bath and add udon and tempura toppings in it. It must make you feel like you are the noodle. You are even given a pair of chopsticks. Just be careful and make sure you don´t eat it. This is very funny. 

Of course, after having a udon bath, you can go to a real Sanuki udon noodle shop and slurp them. This could be a special experience in the land of udon.





Here is the video of the bath with udon bath salt. 


high sour

Some companies like the maker of Hi-Sour exploit the Good Bath Day to promote their product. 

The company sells "after bath kit", which include a tub, which is the most common yellow tub in public baths in Japan and of course some bottles of Hi-Sour to cool you down after the hot bath.

By the way, if you go to an onsen, take one of these tubs at the entrance of the bath and keep it during you are in the bath. Don´t take it from underneath the water taps. And don´t use the taps where there is a tub already. That means the spot is taken. 

So remember where you left your tub and stay in that spot.





If you like natural stuff as the bath salt, fruits are good. They are rich in vitamins and also have an effect of keeping you warm. 

The most popular ones are citrus fruits such as mandarins, clementine or yuzu. On Toji, Japanese people have a yuzu bath to prepare for the hard winter. 

Apples are also good apparently. I haven´t tried yet but I could easily imagine the nice sweet smell filled the steamy bathroom. 





According to the survey a Japanese bath system company made in 2013, 90% of Japanese people have a bath alone and 10% have it with their partner or children. 

To the question, "Until which age did you have a bath with your parents?", 29.3% said until the age 9 or 10 and 25.2% said until the age of 7 or 8. 

However they asked the parents, "Until which age (your children) do you want to have a bath with them?", 34.1% answered until the age of 9 or 10 but 27.2% of the parents answered until the age of 11 or 12. Parents seem to like to have a bath with their children as long as they can. 

The company made another question, "who´s part is giving your baby a bath?" For most of the parents it´s mother´s part during the week but during weekend 56.8% of fathers take this role. Comparing to the survey in 2004, which 26% of the fathers participated in parenting, it increased to 31.4% in 2013. See? Japanese fathers have been getting involved more in the family activities. 


Here I live, the temperature has dropped down and I´m missing a hot bath to relax my body. Unfortunately, my flat has only a shower but if you do have a bathtub, please enjoy Ii Furo no Hi (the Good Bath Day). 


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