3rd of November is Bunka no Hi in Japan

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shinjusikiToday 3rd of November is Bunka no Hi (文化の日/ Culture Day) in Japan. This was the day The Constitution of Japan was issued in 1946 and two years later, this day was set as Bunka no Hi and is a national holiday in Japan. Every year, to those who contributed to Japanese art, literature and culture are awarded The Order of CultureBunka kunsho (文化勲章) in Japanese by the Emperor. 




This year, seven people were awarded and six of them attended the ceremony. There were three scientists who won this year´s Nobel Prize for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes, which has enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources.

Three means, Shuji Nakamura was included, which means Japan does consider him as a Japanese regardless his passport. That is nice. Mr.Nakamura was also happy and expressed his appreciation and proud being Japanese in the interview.


free admission

Since Bunka no Hi is the day for loving the freedom and peace and promoting the culture, all museums inside Japan are admission free.   

You can go to go to as many museums as possible because they can be quite expensive on usual days. Also many places hold workshops and events for children. If you are a parent, it´s also a good day to experience or make something with your children. 

When I was a student, 3rd of November was the day of Bunkasai (文化祭/ Culture festival). Usually we had been preparing for a month for this day. Each class presents something like, a café, a horror house, a shooting stall. People who belong to the school clubs make performances. The guests come from outside including the parents. If the school is one gender school, my case was a girls´ school, there were many boys came, which was quite exciting. 


There are more cultural events all over Japan on Bunka no Hi. 

saiboku concert culture-day-01


Also there are many festivals, which reproduce old eras.

meiji matsuri




Meiji Matsuri

daimyo gyoretu




Daimyo Gyoretsu

bunka no hi




Tokyo Jidai Festival


I know April or October are the poplar time to visit Japan but now you know that the 3rd of November may be your new setting date for a Japan trip. This is one of the ways you can have a lot of fun with a low budget during your visit.


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