Bi-Bozu (Beautiful Bozu) Fashion Show

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bi bozu bookBozu (坊主) means Buddhist monks in Japanese. People with a shaved head are called bozu-atama (坊主頭) and this comes from monks´ head.

The word Bo (坊) originally meant an area where surrounded by four big roads during Nara and Heian period. Later people started calling small temples bo, which belonged to a big temple. Then the head of the bo was called Bozu – zu or shu (主) means the head or master of a place. After Muromachi period (1336-1573), Bozu became a common name for any monks. 


In the last couple of years, Bozu has become the centre of attention for Japanese women. In 2012, a book Bibozu Zukan (美坊主図鑑/ Beautiful Bozu Guide) was published and 18,000 copies were sold in one year. Now Bi-Bozu are among the most sexy guys in Japan. This has become a big boom after Soshokukei boys.  



 The women who chase Bi-Bozu are called Tera-girl (寺ガール/ temple girl) or Butsuzo-joshi (仏像女子/ Buddha girl) and they go to the monk to ask some advices for their life. More girls are going to see the monks than fortune-teller.

Also these bozu are not in a temple but in a bar. Soshoku-danshi (僧職男子/ monk boys) are in fashionable bars in the fashionable areas like Ginza or Yotsuya in Tokyo. They will sit with the Butsuzo-joshi and talk them about the life with a nice glass of whiskey. This is really happening.


Japanese women go where the beautiful monks are to "heal" themself. There is a gathering actually named "heal your heart". I wonder what kind of healing their talking about. But in any way, Tera-girls are so happy and less stressed after seeing the Bi-Bozu. 

How beautiful are they? You may wonder. These are some that I could find.


DPP_11844 bi bozu 2 images
ikebo 密教の音色にて1-thumb-448x336-1678 SN3S1206

Do you find them attractive? Sexy? I´ve even seen a comment saying, "I want see them in naked". Who´d imagine Buddhist monks become an sex icon? 

I grew up with a son of a monk and he has become a monk. We often get together with other classmates from our primary school but we have never seen him in this way, rather…. we rub his shaved head to see how smooth it is… No respect at all….



On TV, one of the Japanese TV channel, TBS played a drama, Bussen (ぶっせん). Bussen comes from Bukkyo Senmongakko (仏教専門学校) and it´s a special school for the people who want to be a Buddhist monk. The story is about the people who are in this school.

School to be a monk? You may think but this is real. There are not only one but quite many of those in Japan. After one year of study, you will be certified. Is Bozu going to the next popular job?

The monks in the drama are of course beautiful. They are real pretty actors. But I think the real Bi-Bozu are also handsome enough.




Surprisingly, a few days ago, there was even a Bi-Bozu fashion show in Nara. No, I´m not kidding! 

The models were real monks and came out with beautiful vestments. There are bros and cons. Is this the new way of getting believers? I don´t know but it seems to be true that being Bozu with a shaved head and reading sutra has somehow become a cool thing to do. 


Here is the video of Bi-Bozu Fashon Show.  


Bozu Bar in Yotsuya :


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  1. Ain 8 years Reply

    Normally the purpose of a fashion show is to model clothing that hopefully members of the audience will buy…but you can’t wear these clothes unless you’re a monk…!
    I went to Koya-san once. There were actually quite a few cute bozu there.

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