Breast feeding 48 tricks among Japanese mums

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Brest feeding in public” seems to be a quite hot topic recently. But Japanese mums go one step forward. 
A Japanese mum Emizo asked another mums on Twitter about the posture when they breast feed their babies. She collected the answers and made a chart with the illustration, which is called 授乳四十八手 (Junyu shijuhatte / Breast feeding 48 tricks).  





These are not made-up. They are the positions that the mums actually do. Some people even have done all these poses. There are postures for twin babies too. What funny about these postures is the naming. Here, I show you some.
#01 Engawa no neko-babaa (縁側の猫ばばあ/ Cat old bag on the porch)
       – Just like a granny sitting on the sunny porch with her cat on the knees. 





#03 Amefuto (アメフト/ American football) 
       – Good position for the person with huge or saggy boobs. 





#07 Seppuku (切腹/ Harakiri)
       – Good for newborn babies. 





#10 Nozoki ana (覗き穴/ Peeping hole)
       – The baby opens the shirt and peep inside it. 





#11 Figyua skeeto (フィギュアスケート/ Figure skating) 
      – One foot is lifted. 





#18 Koban-zame (コバンザメ/Remora)
       – This position is just before the baby falls asleep. Finishing pose. 





#22 Titanic (タイタニック)
       – Both the mother and the baby lie on the back. (Nipple stretches!!) 





#23 Sinzo massage (心臓マッサージ/CSR)
       – Mum, please open your eyes!! 





#29 Senshaki (洗車機/ Car washing machine)
      – The shower (of milk) comes down from the top. 





#31 Momo man (桃まん/ Peach buns)
      – Can´t breathe! 





#35 Koi no takinobori (鯉の滝登り/ Carp swims up the waterfall)
     – Use the edge of the table or the bed. Adjust to the better position by wiggling the body like a carp swimming up         the waterfall. 





#37 Janguru taitei (ジャングル大帝/ The great emperor of the jungle)
   – Using a chair or a child seat of the car. You feel like an lion looking over the savanna. 





Is your style in the list?  


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