Classic Japanese Manga – Para-Para Manga

March 7, 2012 Juju Kurihara Anime, Culture, Entertainment Tags: 1 Comment

I´m sure anyone has done this during the class, on the corner of your text book or notebook. Scribbling silly things to kill the time or make yourself laugh for a while. Then realised the class still continued so you poked your classmate next to you and showed it to him, pretending that you were asking something. Classic.


This is called "Pera-Pera Manga (ぺらぺらマンガ)" in Japanese. Pera Pera is the sound you turn the pages. I don´t think I need so much explanation for this, as I assume that this type of manga is everywhere, or not? I´ve just found this and I like it. It´s simple but I´ve found it´s quite surrealistic.

Apparently, this mini anime series was nominated for Youtube Video Awards Japan 2010. The author is Shirome, he (or she) also has a blog "Kaitari Kaitari (書いたり描いたり/ sometimes write, sometimes draw)"


Did you like it?

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    Your article peflrctey shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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