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11043011_867839859934400_605456300034562984_nToday, the 14th of March is White Day in Japan. It´s the day when all the boys and the guys give the present back to the girls as the return for the St. Valentine´s Day chocolate. This custom had started in Japan and later extended to other Asian countries such as China, Taiwan and South Korea. 

As I mentioned in the article about St. Valentine´s Day, people are little tired of this custom and many seem to think they don´t need White Day. 

The common presents are candies and biscuits. Wagashi (和菓子/ Japanese sweets) is also becoming popular. This is monaka (最中) from our friend, OsakayaMini-size monaka comes in a heart-shaped box. 


The problem of White Day  is although it was a giri-choco (義理チョコ/ obligation chocolate), men have to give something back to the women and usually women expect something nice. The presents women do not appreciate are, soft toys, especially Hello Kitty, handkerchief, mug cups, a lot of cakes or candles. If you are in Japan and looking for a White Day present, please don´t buy these.


But I want to show here, the presents you can get some smile from the women, a funny White Day present. You won´t grade up to their boyfriend but at least you will be a good fun friend.


1. Too real sweets. I know I`ve just said you shouldn´t buy cakes. But you will win with these sweets.


Takoyaki cream puffs.



Okonomiyaki chestnuts cake.



Croquette fresh cheesecake.



Curry rice sweets.



Zarusoba Mont Blanc.




2. Marshmallow but a big one.





3. Another too real goods.


While she´s out of the desk, you can change her PC to this PC chocolate.




Or instead of Otafuku sauce, "Otaku ga Osuki da sodesu (オタクがお好きだそーです/ You seem to like a Otaku)"




4. Fireworks.


Skyrocket fireworks.



Inside, there are colourful candies. 



So, what is your option, now?


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