Happy Momo no Sekku!

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Today the 3rd of March is Momo no Sekku (桃の節句), also called Hina Matsuri (ひな祭り) is the Girls´ Day in Japan. People who have daughters decorate the house with hina ningyo (ひな人形) and wish a healthy growth of the children. 

This year, I like to celebrate with a Haiku (俳句) of Toshio Takahama (高浜年男, 1900-1979) who was the first son of the famous Haiku poet, Kyoshi Takahama (高浜虚子, 1874-1959).




Hina no hi wo

Koyoi no kyaku ni

tomoshi keri  

Hina dolls,

light up the lamp,

for the guests of tonight 




Hinaningyo (ひな人形) should not be out long after Momo no Sekku. The best day to put it away is the 6th of March. This day is Keichitsu (啓蟄), one of the nijuahi-sekki (二十四節気) and is said that Keichitsu is the day when the insects are coming out of the earth. This means the spring has come. (See also The origin of Hinamatsuri)

My father is a very traditional man and he would always put Hinaningyo away no later than a few days after Momo no Sekku. He told me that "later they pack it away, later the daughter gets married". This could be a superstition for not to keep hinaningyo out.


This year, I´ve found some impressive and unusual Hinaningyo.


The pyramid.



The staircase.



The city.



The ice cream.  

hina ice


Wish you all Happy Momo no Sekku.



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