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This weekend I watched a Japanese film "Toilet". I´ve found this film because I watched another films of the same director, Naoko Ogigami (荻上直子) last year. They were Kamome Shokudo (かもめ食堂) and Megane (めがね). In both films, actors speak little, when it´s necessary. It could have been tedious and slow but on the contrary, you are there with them, breathing the same air. 



masako motai



Unlike other two films, the protagonists ofToilet spoke quite a lot but not the main character, Baachan (ばあちゃん/grandma) played by one of my favourite actresses,Masako Motai (もたいまさこ). She barely speaks! But her movement, her looks and her breathing tell you a lot. 




The story starts from the funeral of the mother of three brothers. Ray is a Gandamu (Gundam) mania who works in a lab with a geeky colleague. Maury was a great pianist who had became a Hikikomori (ひきこもり) and hadn´t been out for years. Lisa is the younger sister who is an university student with an attitude. All three were living in their shell until Baachan entered in their life.



I personally love the scene when they make gyoza (餃子). Not only because I love gyoza but also I believe that making a food together is a way and a perfect way to communicate with people even though they don´t speak the same language.

Of course, they look delicious in the screen. 


The catch phrase of this film is "みんなホントウの自分でおやんなさい (Monna hontou no jibun de oyannasai)" means, "Be yourself". I think Toilet teaches you not "who you are" but that "it´s comfortable to be you". 

Oh, you may wonder why "Toilet". That´s you will find out and probably makes you laugh.

From the official site, you can check the trailer, HERE. Do you like it? Then see the film.





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  1. Hi Nina. Sorry for my late reply.
    Have you tried to watch it already? Actually only the grandma is Japanese and most of the part of the film they speak English but it´d be nice to know what the grandma says although she speaks very very little. I will look for it and let you know if I find it. But meantime, try as it is. You might not need any subtitle.

  2. Nina Ayase 8 years Reply

    Hi juju.kurihara, i´ve watched other Naoko Ogigami’s films and I would like to see “Toilet”… the problem is I can´t find the subtitles!
    Do you know if there are subtitles for this film?
    I´m Brazilian, but I can read in English and I´d appreciate if you can help me with this information or even tell me where I can find it.
    Thank you, NinaA.

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