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Do you not jut love Onsesn? One of the best things you can do in Japan is having a hot bath. Dip in a deep hot spring water and a big sign of pleasure leaks from your lips, “Ahhhhhhh”. The best moment of your life.
Now to which onsen can you go? That could be a problem because according to the document of the Ministry of Tourism, there are 3,085 hot springs all around Japan and 27,219 fountains of hot springs in entire Japan. (in 2013)
Hokkaido has the most hot springs among all prefectures and there are 254 spots. 
Oita prefecture has the largest numbers of hot spring fountains, 4,473 spots. No wonder Oita is proud of "No.1 onsen in Japan”. And there are variety of onsen
in the prefecture.
Muddy one. Doroyu (泥湯) in Beppu (別府)
Yufuin Onsen (由布院温泉)
Ganiyu (ガニ湯) in Nagayu onsen (長湯温泉) 
Amagase onsen (天ケ瀬温泉)
Jigoku onsen (地獄温泉/Hell Onsen) in Beppu 
Oita prefecture wanted to heat up people from all over the world and made a video, Shinfuro, which is the word combined synchronized swimming and furo (風呂/ bath). 
Onsen all over Oita suddenly becomes the stage for beautiful synchronized swimming show. It looks very comical but they are actually professionals. This team, RAIKA ENTERTAINMENT is led by former Olympic medalist, Raika Fujii (藤井来夏). I was worried if they hit the head in these shallow bathes but of course, the professionals know exactly what they are doing. Oh, this is important. I don´t think you can do the syncronized swimming in any onsen or even making so much sprash. (You can check "How to enjoy onsen in Japan") 
BGM is the master piece of Rentaro Taki (滝廉太郎), “Hana (花/ Flower)”. Taki was one of the most known composers in Japan and who was born in Oita prefecture. Using Hana as a base and mixed with the sound of Oita, such as the sound of onsen or frying chickens. 
If you don´t know which onsen to go, watch this video and your mind will be set for sure. Oh, now I want to go onsen.

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