Tsuru to Kame, Fashion magazine for elders

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Free paper "Tsuru to Kame"

The aim of our free paper is to introduce the cool lifestyle 

and fashion of our senior citizens. Also, 
it highlights some of the unique aspects of our region. 
Who said country life was boring? 
Not anymore.
Source is in Okushinano.
I´ve happened to know a free paper, Tsuru to Kame (鶴と亀). The interesting part is, this is a magazine which is about the fashion of elder people. Now the title Tsuru (crane) and Kame (turtle) makes more sense. There is a saying in Japan, tsuru wa sen-nen, kame wa man-nen (鶴は千年亀は万年), which means cranes live thousand years and turtles for ten thousand years. Both animals are the symbols long life in Japan. In fact, my grandfather´s name is Kamekichi and her sister´s name is Tsuruko. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away young unlike his fortunate name. 
A few days ago, Japan celebrated Keiro no hi (敬老の日/ respect for the aged day, http://www.iromegane.com/japan/culture/keirou-no-hi-respect-for-the-aged-day/). Japanese people are known to have a longer life. My grandaunt for example will be 100 in the next January. Having very elder person in the family isn´t something rare in Japan. Currently 33.84 million people are over 65 years old and this is about 27% of entire population in Japan. Among those, there are 61,568 people are over 100 years old.
So why not publishing any fashion magazine for elder people? Just because they don´t dress Hipstars doesn´t mean they are not into fashion. I´ve seen some super fashionable elder people in the media but all of them dressed as if they are in their 30s or 40s and obviously they don´t represent majority of elder people. 
I´m sure my 89-year-old grandma love talking about fashion and buying new clothes. Then I have no idea where she get´s the information and it´s definitely not in the Vogue magazine. 
Tsuru to Kame has been created in Nagano prefecture where its average age is the highest in Japan. And now this magazine is distributed not only whole Japan but also in Taiwan. They disappear as soon as they put the new issue. I have no doubt. Since there are fewer babies born in Japan, this could be a new way of shifting the concept of “trend” to elder societies. 
This is the issue #4. Very stylish design. 
4 characteristics of northern Nagano style. Simple and casual (on the right).
This is just a motor bike but as you look longer, it makes you think this is a Harley-Davidson. 
If you find Tsuru to Kame while you are travelling in Japan, check it!  
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