How to respond to a wedding invitation in Japan

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skaparaI used to take wedding photos and work as an interpreter for Japanese parents whose daughter got married to an English man. But in my real life, I have attended to only a few weddings. One was of my university friend who immediately got married after the graduation. And the second was of my cousin but my mum got too emotional and was completely drunk. I stayed with her whole wedding in the toilet, holding her hair and kimono to avoid getting dirty.


In case you are invited to Japanese wedding, here, I give you a little tip.


invitation response

Usually the direction you send it back is already written.  

But one thing you need to do is, this part in the middle.

In the middle is the name of the person you want to send to. And after the little space, you see a kanji, 行 (iki) means "to". First, you need to cross this kanji with two vertical lines and on the side, as the picture shows, you write a kanji, 様 (sama), which is the polite form of さん(san/ Mr, Mrs or Miss). 

This is the typical manner for sending a self-addressed letter or a postcard. You never write 様 under your name as the receiver and you always correct 行 to 様 when you return this sort of letter. 



Now the other side. 

There are two options, 御出席 (go shusseki/ attend) or 御欠席 (go gekkeki/ not attend). You just need to circle the one you are going to do. 

But again, be careful! You need to cross the word 御 and just circle wither 出席 or 欠席. This 御 is a respect form from the sender to you and when you return this letter, you shouldn´t use the respect from to yourself. It´s a pure courtesy.

You can also add some small messages like it´s shown in the part "3". However many manuals say, keep it simple and polite because the parents of the gloom or the bride also read this returned invitation cards. 


But today, I like to show you the wedding invitations that broke all these etiquette and social rules and yet, they are very personal and make you definitely happier. Which do you prefer to receive?



Before we start, I remind you that these illustrations seem to have started just to hide the part of "not attend". It´s a lot of effort just for that purpose, don´t you think? Now let´s start with something petit, with flowers.




A geek.



A speech bubble is cute.



Dad (or Mum )penguin and the baby.



Why kettle?



Getting more complicated the drawing.



Animal land.






Well-known characters. R2-D2.



Moonin is very famous in Japan.



Char from Gundam.






Original short manga. "Stop the wedding!!"



Kowai ne (scary)…



Hope this is not a bad vibration.



Some people seem to pay a professional illustrator to decorate the invitation card.



Are they all Manga-ka (manga writers) or what? (Apparently not.)





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