Itazuragaki of the Day 1

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As a child, I hated drawing. To tell the truth, I went to a primary school, which continues to the art university in Yokohama. Our art teacher was a little well-known in the art education field and often people came to see his class from universities. Our art teacher even made own textbooks using his own students´ artworks as examples. 

Everyweek our art class started with a croquis, a rough sketch. Usually a pupil became a model and we had to sketch quickly. I hated this. It never came out what I saw as if my hand didn´t communicate with my brain at all. 

All six years of my primary school life, I believed that I wasn´t good at drawing. Then perhaps it was when I was 14 or 15, I started drawing, most of the time during the class as most of you do. I drew for my classmates´ music band, for my softball team logo, our swimming team T-shirts. I simply liked to see the people smile when they see my illustration. 

When I worked for a newspaper company in Tokyo, everymorning I took a paper cup and since I used it all day, I drew something on it, just to distinguish from others. It became my morning meditation. Took a cup, sit and drew, then I could start working. It must´ve been a year and a half I worked for them. The last day, all the girls in the office took me for a lunch. There, an elder lady who worked in a publicity confessed that she picked up the cups I drew all these time. Of course the end of the day, I´d threw it in the bin before I left the office and she´d come to the bin to keep them. Oh, what a sweet story I thought. For her, it wasn´t just a scribble but it meant something. It made her smile for a day.

Here, I like to start my Itazuragaki (scribble) for the day. No pressure, don´t cry if you don´t see my Itazuragaki, hihi.


"Monday Monday, don´t think about Monday"

Have a good week start, everyone!

lunes lunes


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