Japanese drama, Fuben na Benriya

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A Japanese TV drama I was watching in the last two weeks finally came to end. Oh, what a pity! I hope they make the second series. It was just so crazy that I constantly laughed and even shouted at the screen sometimes. No, no. Not swearing but it was more like, “How is it possible!!!!"
Oh, sorry, you want to know the title. It´s Fuben na Benriya (不便な便利屋), means, unhandy handyman service. 
Jun is an award winning young script writer but faced the reality of the film industry. He was disappointed and decided to go to Furano city in Hokkaido. However, he was stranded in the bus because of a heavy snow storm and arrived at a small town called Akabira. The town was so small that there was no accommodation available. In the cold snow night, he found a bar. And this was the beginning of his new life with super quirky inhabitant of the town.  

Main characters of the town are very unique. (Top left to right)
– Katsurazawa and Sakurada who work for the town hall. Their main aim is to attract tourism to the town. 
– Komori, the policeman who believes he is the responsible of the safety of the town. 
– Umemoto a.k.a. Batsu-san because of his three divorce history. Despite of the very scary face, he has a sensitive feelings. He believes Jun was his lost son. One of the handymen.
– Matsui, the owner of the Benriya (handyman service). He used to live in Tokyo but failed his dream and came back to his hometown. He can´t help meddling with others but that´s why he started helping Jun. 
– Mysterious girl who sells matches every night in the bar.
– One of the regulars costumer of the bar. 
– Momono, the owner of the bar, Shiawase no kiiroi nekkachiifu (The yellow neckerchief of happiness) where people in the town got together disguised and drink until they lost themselves.   
Jun was so drunk at the first arrival and wake up in the hut in a shape of a woodpecker. This was how he got involved in the handyman business. But slowly he adapts himself to this snowy small town.   
Every night he gets drunk until he passed out and every morning he gets up with a surprise. It started with a pink bunny suit… 
Benriya has not much jobs in the town. Mainly ploughing the snow and looking for lost dogs. Sometimes, investing the house invaded by an alien. If the life is really like this, you would never be bored.  
The bar. Everything is discussed and planned here while the people in the town enjoy heavy snow winter nights by disguising. Don´t miss any details. Every little thing makes you laugh… really hard.
The bar owner. One morning Jun woke up in his flat… His yellow flying scarf is his trademark. Despite of his weirdness, he is a kind and caring bar owner.
Despite of endless harassments and troubles, Jun has begun to feel familiar to this town. One day he takes the initiative in the project to save the town. He moved all the town to challenge the Guinness record. And the result is… Check it with your own eyes.

Fuben na benriya is simply funny. The imaginations, rather delusions that these people have are just hilarious. Each one of them is quirky and kind despite of their worries and problems. I´ve heard the people in Hokkaido have a similar character to the people in the continents. After watching this, I´m even more interested in visiting Hokkaido after so many years. Oh, maybe not in winter though… 
The ending theme song, Yukikaze (雪風) by Spitz matches this white land perfectly.  



Here is a small clip of the drama.



Are you interested in? You can watch full episode with English subtitle from the link below. Enjoy! 
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