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Last two weeks I was addicted to a Japanese TV drama I´d found by accident. It´s SUIKA (すいか). I have to mention to those who have been in Japan and stayed there for a while, it´s not a JR train card (SUICA) but it´s a watermelon. 



Like in many countries, watermelon is a typical summer fruit. My childhood dream was to buy a whole suika and eat it half. I guess the title attracted me besides that there are many of my favourite actresses in it. 


The protagonist, Motoko (34) works in a local bank where most of the female employees are in their 20s and their main aim is to find a good guy and get married. For those girls, Motoko is a left over rather than someone who is focused on her career. Motoko has another colleague, Baba-chan who is in her age. Naturally they become a friend. 



suika happiness


One day this Baba-chan disappeared with 300 million yen (appox. 2.19 million euro) from the bank. Since then, Motoko´s life started to change. She finds a room with meal, which is a very old-fashioned lodging style.

The owner, Yoka is an university student. Since her father disappeared to Sri Lanka, she´s managing the apartment. There is also Kyoju (教授/ professor) who has been living there since she was in the university. And Kizuna, who is Ero mangaka (sex manga writer).



suika profe


First, the house is beautiful. Very old modern style house that reminds me the houses in Taisho period (1912-1926) – of course I wasn´t born that time. 

Kyoju´s room is full of books and she has antique furniture. It´s too messy but I kind of like to live like that.




suika heya    

On the contrary, Motoko´s room has nothing. She has her bank uniform and a futon. Even that, all the small detail of the room is just beautiful. The lamp, the fan, the sewing machine table and the chest.

I love the scene when Kizuna goes to sleep. She sleeps inside oshi-ire (押し入れ/ Japanese closet). If you have ever watch Doraemon, it will give you a smile.



suika river


The location is in Sangenjaya (三軒茶屋), the western part of Tokyo and this is actually where I spent some time when I was small. Even it´s in the centre of Tokyo, there is a stream and vegetable farms. 

People don´t believe me, even Japanese people don´t that I´m from Tokyo and there were farmers around my house. They usually leave vegetables on the side of the street. You walk by and get anything you like. There is a small box and you just give them some money. Yes, it´s in Tokyo. 

So I´m so happy to see the stream in the middle of the town and they use it to cool beers or suika. One of the reason I want my friends to Tokyo with me is to show them Tokyo is not all about high buildings and sex industries. 




This drama also shows us problems that Japanese society has. A woman has to get married in their 20s, women don´t need to have a career, students who only worry about the score or people who are not good at expressing their emotions. 

The four women living under one roof, they look after and help each other to grow themselves. This drama SUIKA teaches us how to be happy in a comical way. 



suika fashion


The fashion is another reason you may want to see this. Especially two girls, Yuka and Kizuna. It could be a little too psychedelic but their crazy clothes definitely give me an energy. After watching this, I want to get some more colour in my wardrobe. 


You can watch all 10 episode from HERE. Let me know if you liked it!



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  1. Harry 7 years Reply

    Good information. Liked it. Please post more Japanese TV drama names so we can enjoy our stay here in Japan and even get more closer to the culture and their expression.

  2. enkhmaa 7 years Reply

    Hello fellow suika lover,
    I’ve never left any comment to any website. But reading your review made me so happy cause i recently discovered a few Japanese dramas, and i really liked them, and one of my favourite was “suika”. Now I am trying to find something like this but no luck!

    Thank you for the great review!
    Good luck to you!

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