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Jane Birkin came to Tokyo to participate in a charity concert for the earthquake in Japan, "Together Japan" which was held on the 6th of March in Shibuya, Tokyo.

birkin and sergeJane Birkin… only I could remember was that song with Serge Gainsbourg, "Je t'aime… moi non plus" . I knew she was the mother of Charlotte Gainsbourg and I must've seen some films of her, but not much memory.

Wow, she was cool.

In the interview before the charity concert, she started speking French. Jane Birkin wasn't British? Anyway, she said she was lucky enough to have some spare money to buy a flight to Tokyo. I wish I could say that and could have some little trips. To protect herself, her daughters told her to wear three pair of socks and a mask. I can uderstand the masks but why so many pairs of shoes? To throw away a pair each day? Interesting. So she sang in the concert. Sing? Her? Of course I've just mentioned about "Je t'aime… moi non plus".  I may mixed up Jane Birkin with something else. Birkin… is there a bag called Birkin? Or is it my imagination again?

Anyway, this is the interview.


I keep getting off the track. OK, so she participated in this charity concert "Together Japan" with other Japanese actors and musicians such as Ikuko Harada, Takuma Watanabe or Tomoe Shinohara.

ikuko harada


Ikuko Harada is a singer-songwriter and a member of the band, Clammbon.

As well as the band, she sings solo and does collaborations with other musicians.

I knew this band but hadn't listened to it that much but now I'm playing in Youtube. Nice freshy sound, no too poppy, OK, I like it.




takuma watanabe


Takuma Watanabe is a Sendai born Japanese musician, pianist and a member of Combopiano. I didn't know him before but quite like this electric sound.

I'm not a music expert and I don't know how it's called this type of music. But from the look at it. he seems to be a well known musician outside of Japan, too.

In NY, Takuma Watanabe collaborated with a NY born music producer, Kip Hanrahan and released some albums. Kip_Hanrahan









shinohara tomoe


Tomoe Shinohara was like this. Loud voice, loud fashion style… everything was noisy and she was singing a song like this.

When she started appearing in music programs, people were surprised by her singing voice, because when she spoke, she had this a little annoying shaggy voice.

I wonder if Jane Birkin knew who she was going to be on the stage with….

No, I'm kidding. Shinohara was used to be a Gru of "Shinoraa" and there were many girls dressed like her, with cheap plastic accessoies and colourful clothes. But Shinohara had announced her graduation of Shinoraa and now she address her talent to other field; formed an indies music / fashion label, Jagged Apple.



In this concert, Together Japan, there was a variety of musicians played for Japan's recovery. I was glad to hear Jane Birkin saying that many shops in Paris have a little donation box for Japan and many people in the world is trying to help Japan. I do hope so.

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