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April 15, 2011 Juju Kurihara Adverts, Culture, Entertainment, Japan, technology Tags: 2 Comments

First, just look and listen to this video.




It's a beautiful image and the sound. When it reaches this level, the word is no longer needed. In the last few days, I've been listening to this repeatedly. Just magnificent.

This is an ad for a new mobile phone "Touch Wood  SH-08C" that Japanese mobile company, NTT Docomo was going to release in early March this year but with some problems they have in Japan, it had been on hold. But it seems like finally this is available in Docomo shops since the 6th of April.

touch wood


This is a very organic bean shaped mobile which is made of hinoki tree.

Hinoki grows only in Japan, used for houses, furniture, ships or even sculptures. It has a special aroma and Japanese people like the smell of hinoki.




touchwood screen



The design is very simple, it only has tree buttons for "talk", "lock" and "hang up".

The way sits in the hand is so beautiful.





touchwood screen 2


With one touch, shortcut menu will show up.

It does look like those high-tech phones (we call smart phone in Japan) but it's not unfortunately.


This Touch Wood, you can change the setting depending on which hand user you are. Amazing.



Touch Wood is not iPhone nor Android, yet it costs 77,910 yen (about 647€) at the shop. Hmm, I think I prefer getting my offer of Black Berry Curve, perhaps… Oh, but it's so beautiful, isn't it?


  1. Müller 4 years Reply

    I want to buy it. Where can I buy a used one?

  2. Müller 5 years Reply

    Where can I buy it?

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