Jo and Lupin III too, Support Japan

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More manga writers are participating the charity for the Touhoku region and the victims from this disaster.

cardsI can see Ram chan from Urusei Yatsura, Ranma1/2 and Kin-niku Man. Old anime characters have revived to save Japan.

tetsuya chibaThis project started by Tetsuya Chiba, the creator of Jo Yabuki in Ashita no Jo. He has called for anime writers in Japan and until now, about 50 authors have participated and more than 100 works have been sent to Chiba. All illustrations are drawn especially for this projects.




This is Ashita no Jo. I used to watch it after school and I swear, it´s much better than Rocky!




Kin-niku Man is a wrestler who loves gyu-don. I remember sometimes he sang gyu-don song on the ring. Although it was about fighting, some how it was comical. This was on way before Dragon Ball started in Japan.



And Lupin III, my favorite Lupin!! I was quite jealous when I saw a girl in the swimming pool had a kick board with Daisuke Jigen on it. I wanted one with Goemon



All these works will be sold in a manga fair, Digital Manga Koushien which is held in late May in Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefecture. Also they are available on the net auction.

The sales will be sent to the devastated area as donation.



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