Kuruneko, Let´s Dance With Kuruneko Team

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I like cats. I can hear some saying, ¨but you have a dog…¨. In the last 10 years, some how wherever I lived, there were dogs, and now I have my own dog. Even that, I´m a big cats lover, sorry dogs who did and does good to me.

Some may hates cats, that I know. The most popular reasons for hating cats are, ¨they seem to be cold¨ and *they are egoist¨. The cats I spent some time with in my childhood were very loving and above all, they were so comical. 


KURUNEKO (くるねこ/ official web ) is a Japanese animation I check at least once a day as a little detail of the day. It just cracks me up. 

The author, Kuruneko Yamato (くるねこ大和) lives in a cat house and each cat has its own unique character.

mon san


Her very first cat was Mon-san.


And this is Suteki Ouji (すてき王子/ lovely prince), Kobochi-kun.












The story is about Kuruneko Yamato´s daily life with her followers. It´s simple but just so funny.

Well, let´s see if Kuruneko can get rid of cat- phobia a bit.

Also this may help to learn Japanese as the text is quite straightforwards.








Now below, there are some videos of Kuruneko´s dancing team.

Start with Mon neko no tango




Dohyou iri no tango (sumo ring entering tango) by Kobochi-kun.



And let´s finish with good-bye samba by Mon-san.


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