Mado Michio – Japanese Poet

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mado michioMichio Mado (まどみちお) was born in Yamaguchi prefecture in 1909 and started working as a poet since 1934. His fuel of creating poems is the frustration and dissatisfaction with the politic, the government, the education, the economic or the unnecessary wars.

His most well-known poem, "zousan" (ぞうさん/ elephant) and "yagi san yuubin" (やぎさんゆうびん/ goat´s mail) are the ones all Japanese have listened or sung at least once or twice in their life. 


In 1994 he received Hans Christian Andersen Award and in 1992 "The Animals (どうぶつたち)" was published in the US. All poems in this book were selected and translated by the Japanese Empress, Michiko. 


He is now 101 years old and still active! 

100 years


In 2009 as the celebration of his 100 year birthday, there were many special exhibition and events held in Japan.


If you liked Shuntarou Tanigawa, I think you´d like Mado Michio as well. His works are humorous and gentle at the same time.


Most of the poems were for children but I think they are more than good enough for adults, too.

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