Throw Away Batteries, It’s Time To Be Eco

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After all these problems of nuclear plant in Japan, a lot of doubt and argument have arisen in the world and some countries have already decided to close down their nuclear plants.

german nuclear plantsGerman is one of those countries. Today, on the 5th of April, the German government decided to switch off seven of its oldest nuclear power plants until a safety review is completed. (by Reuters)


In Tokyo and surrounding prefectures are still on rotating power cut and this is believed to continue until the summer next year.

By Tokyo Bay, where the Tokyo Disney Land is, liquefaction is severe and the people in that area still don't have running water nor electricity. Not only the people in the shelter in Touhoku region but also in Tokyo region are forced to have uncomfortable life. A friend of my mother goes to a hotel near the station to wash her face and teeth in the morning, then goes to a Konbini for the toilet. She lives in a zone just next to my mother but the difference is big.


eco clock


Now we are a little suspicious about nuclear energy. People are reviewing natural energies such as the wind power generation or solar electiricity generation system. 

Yet better, forget about all these power system and use pure natural resources such as water, for instance. Throw away battery and be green. It's time to be eco.


This is an eco water battery alarm clock, Time H20.


Just fill the water into the bottle, the clock starts ticking. We don't need to rush to the supermarket for batteries anymore. Maybe they should invent torch too.


I wanted to know how it's possible that the water can be an energy. So, I've investigated a bit.


What I've found was this. A Japanese company called Genepax has succeeded to develop a new power source, "Water energy system" which generates power just by pouring the water directly. 

eco car


This system is based on hydrogen fuel cell development but is much cheaper to produce hydrogen and emits less CO2. Genepax has even made an eco car that runs with water instread of petro. Amazing. Imagine using this car in Tohoku region right now. No one will need to queue for a litre of petro nor having problems to deliver supplies to devastated area. 



Aallocation of energyt the moment the proportion of the power resources in Japan is like this.

Japan covers its energy supply with thermal power generation (60%) and nuclear power (31%).

But Genepax insists that a glass of water can be the new energy source of the earth. Especially in the situation like Japan now, not depending on any man-made energy could save people more rapidly. 



You can see the system of generation with the water in animation. I wasn't a good student in chemistry or physics but I'm sure some of you can understand much better than me.


With 1 litre of water, the car can run for an hour with 80km of velocity. Well, it's not a ferrari but who need that speed in such as small island? Also at the same time we can be nice to the environment.

Reading this articule about Genepax, I thought that Japan's technology isn't that bad as I was a bit disappointed with Japan's robots technology, and I even had a good feeling about this company. So I checked their website. What I've found was… hahaha they have closed down, at least at the moment due to the difficulty of the development. To be nice to the earth seems to cost a lot.

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