Useful Goods For a State of Emergency

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In the most of Japanese houses, you may see this bag. Even they aren't visible, they are somewhere in the house. In my parents house, there were at least three of these in the shed at the back of the house.

This is an "emergency bag" (hijou bukuro/ 非常袋), made of some fire-proof material.



bousai pack

Inside this bag, there are essential goods such as bottles of water, first-aid kit, torch and some food that you can eat without cooking. 

These are basic stuff. I remember every year, my father brought these bags out, checked the expire date, then changed to the new bottles or packets.

I quite liked that day as he usually gave me a tin of biscuits that nearly expired or already did a few weeks ago. I was a strange feeling to eat those emergency food in a tube or in sealed packets.



emergency goods

  This shows what to stuff in your emergency bag.

It's possible your evacuation takes longer than you expect and have to live in the shelter without any supplies, which it happened to the shelters in Touhoku region.

There are wet tissues and a bottle of shampoo which you can wash your hair without any water. People were complain about unhygienic life style in the shelter, as it took so long to arrive esseintial supplies including water.


malti life hammer

There are people who are trying to invent new thing every day. And of course, there are people who are inventing useful emergency goods.

This is one of those called "Super Multi Life Hammer". With the word, "super", this sounds like a must item.

This hammer has 8 functions; 1) torch, 2) hammer for breaking car glass, 3) seat belt cutter, 4) AM/FM radio, 5) signal light that blinks, 6) mobile charger (japanese mobile), 7) manual generator and the last, it also functions with AAA battery.

I guess this is mede as a car goods but it might be useful.


smoke hood

Another product that caught my eye was this. This is a smoke hood invented by SBK.

This company seems like they are specialised in emergency goods and have some curious things, basic but logic. Just like an experiment we used to do at school.

This is a great hood which you can escape from the smoke with your eyes open and can keep breathing.

It can keep the air enough to breathe for 3 minutes if you run and for 5 minutes if you walk. Heat-resistance up to 150 ºC.

It may look a little too comical but must be very useful item to have. Only thing yoou need to be careful about it, you'll get a big head and might have a problem walking through a small space when you escape. You better have a little practice. 

So now, have you diceided what to stuff in your emergency bag?

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