31st of August is the day of vegetable in Japan

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Today the 31st of August is the day of vegetable in Japan. Why? Because August is the eighth month of the year and eight in Japanese can be pronounced as "Ya". Then 31 breaks into three and one. Three in Japanese is "San" or "Sa", one is "Ichi" or "I". Now let´s put all the numbers together. It´s Yasai means vegetable in Japanese. That´s why it´s Yasai no HI (野菜の日/ the day of vegetable ) today.


yasai 1

A Japanese food maker, Kagome and Kumamoto University have done an experiment. Is it possible to make vegetable juice inside the vegetable but not destroying it. Yes, they have made it! They use a BOMB! They explode a bomb inside the water with a vegetable next to it. And boooooomb!!!! Now you have a 100% natural vegetable juice. Believe or not, just watch the video.

Eat more vegetable and have a healthy life, everyone! Happy Yasai no HI!




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