Japanese Jazz Band, JDs

August 7, 2011 Juju Kurihara Entertainment, Music, Vocabulary 0 Comments

JDs is a project of a Japanese jazz/FUNK/R&B base band, JiLL-Decoy association also known as JILLDECO (ジルデコ). JDs is formed by JillDeco´s guitarist, Kubota and the drummer, Towada.

kubota towada

Kubota is a Shizuoka born guitarist although he started his music career as a pianist and discovered jazz guitar when he was in the university. He began his professional career in the US and has participated IAJE International jazz festival.

Towada is a Tokyo born drummer whose mother was a music teacher. He started classic piano when he was 6 but since the day he listened to Miles Davis, his passion for jazz arose. He studied music in Chicago Music University, after coming back to Japan, Towada formed various jazz band and one of them came to second at a jazz contest in Tokyo in 1999.

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