Japanese Jazz Duo Yuusuke Shima & Iori Kimura

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Japanese Jazz Duo Yuusuke Shima & Iori Kimura (島裕介×木村イオリ ).

Yuusuke Shima is a Osaka born jazz trumpeter. He started playing trumpet when he was 13 and since 2002 he has been playing as a professional trumpeter. He performed at FujiRockFestival 07'. 2009 Shima started a new project, Silent Jazz Case as a producer.

shimaYuusuke Shima official website is HERE.



Iori Kimura is an Aomori born pianist and a keybord player. 2008 a new band, bohemianvoodoo was formed.

2010 the band met Yuusuke Shima as the producer and in July they released the first album, ”S”.

Kimura is a talented pianist and collaborates with many artists from diverse areas; from jazz to Hip Hop.

The official website of bohemianvoodoo is HERE.




These two talented musicians make this sound. The video is one of the sessions they did at Shibuya Bar Music, called Neko ga kuru (The cat is coming). They make jazzy sweet sound, like a music box. I like it, nice.



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