Japanese Poet, Taro Gomi

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gomi tarouTaro Gomi (五味太郎) is a Tokyo born novelist for children, a poet and a composer of kids songs. He studied industrial design and used to work as a designer.

You can see his works from HERE.

I like his stories. They are so free and show you new aspect about things. When I read his books, they make me realised that I have limited myself in some way and help me to release myself from that strangler.


Some of his popular books are these,

everyone is a poo

Minna Unchi (Everyone is a poo)

ISBN : 4-8340-0848-7

gold fish

Kingyo ga Nigeta (The goldfhis escaped)

ISBN : 4-8340-0899-1


Saru Rururu

ISBN : 4-87110-022-7


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