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eigoHow bad Japanese people speak (or don´t speak) English seems to be always a big theme in the western world. But Japanese people care? Let me tell you. They do, really. Japanese people even have a profound complex about English.

Japanese government introduced in 2013 English as a compulsory subject to public primary schools. Now any third grade pupils are learning English once or twice a week at the school. There is a contradiction but at least they are trying.


The parents who have small children too concern about English education. Knowing that it´s better to learn other languages when they are small, they are desperate to get their children speak English.




A creative father, Masashi Fujiyoshi who has a small daughter has made Karuta (かるた), which is a traditional card game in Japan. He has made cards with Japanese saying in English. 

Although this was made for children to learn English, it´s actually very useful for adults too. So they held Karuta competition at work, which went very professional. Creative teams should be this playful even at work, I believe.






This is "へ(he)". "下手な鉄砲も数撃ちゃ当たる (heta na teppou mo kazu ucha ataru)" means "Fling dirt enough and some will stick.

I often have experiences that I like to explain some situations and use Japanese saying but then I can´t find the right translation into English. These Karuta would be perfect.

Then an idea has come to me.





If Japanese people can learn English through the saying, why can not learn Japanese through these cards.

Anyone who are learning Japanese can learn both the language and the Japanese saying. This is a true "Isseki nichou (一石二鳥)", kill two birds with one stone. 

These cards are hand made and the numbers are limited. But I´ve spoken to this father and he told me that the sets are on sale. 1 set for 600 yen. 

If you are interested, please contact Masashi Fujiyoshi, mail : fujiyoshi@ssftokyo.co.jp He will explain to you the detail for the purchase. I´m sure you enjoy playing and learning Japanese. 



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