What’s This For? – Paper Eyelashes

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art eyelashJapanese girls' one of the obsessions is the make-up. I haven't seen girls do so well in any other nationalities yet. Oh, no offence, perhaps different type of make-up, I suppose.

When I was in the high school, many girls were obsessed about double-edged eyelid and longer eyelashes. There was a special glue to stick your eyelids and girls came into the classroom with their eyes wide open, which reminded me a lot of one torture scene in a film, "A Clockwork Orange". And that, doesn't seem to have changed at all.

This arty eyelashes "PAPERSELF" have launched in Japan. They are water-proof fake eyelashes which design is based on Chinese traditional paper craft.


There are many designs, such as flower, butterfly or peacock, in total 11 designs are available. 


peacockThis is for upper eyelashes in peacock shape. Although it's made of paper, it can be used for 3-5 times.

Paperself was already appeared in many popular magazines in Japan, and some TV idels are also talking about it. This seems like one of those "KAWAII" (かわいい!/ Cute!) items now.




If it's a trend, they have to try. This girl has tried the one just for the corner of the eyes. Eh huh. not bad, not so flashy.


How is it closer look?

girl 2




As she says, it works for the party or some special occasions. I agree.

But it's OK, it doens't look so silly.





If girls try it, of course boys try it too.

One, two, three,





candie candie


Many people have seen this, right? yes, Candie Candie.

I was really surprised an Italian girl started singing to me when we met in a party. Later, I'd found out that quite many, at least European girls watched Candie Candie when they were little, and even remember the story much more than me. Well, I don't at all, it wasn't my cup of tea. 

Anyway, look at her. She's a typical Japanese anime character. People often ask me why Japanese cartoon characters have such ginormous eyes.

Hmm, good point.

tokyo alice

This is a recent comic and still has the same style.

My hair stylist used to ask me why I didn't want to dye my hair every time I went to cut my hair.

I always answered "because everyone dyes hair".

To be blonde, curly hair and have long eyelashes still seem to be a big concern and obsession for Japanese girls and some boys. Will we see many Japanese girls with Paperself now and then on the street?



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